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    Professional pipe blockage removal in Berlin and the surrounding areakanalinspektion berlin

    With our company Absolut Rohrreinigung, we have been a reliable contact here in the German capital Berlin and the surrounding area since the mid-2000s when a pipe blockage needs to be cleared. This concerns the blocked, i.e. impermeable drainage pipe for the dirty water, also called used water. With us, the removal of a pipe blockage is favourable for several reasons. Firstly, we are a qualified Berlin crafts company with several trained craftsmen. Secondly, we charge our customers a fair, transparent price for the removal of any pipe blockage in Berlin. Last but not least, we are available with our emergency service not only during the day, but 24h around the clock. These and other advantages are the reason why Absolut Rohrreinigung is the right contact in case of a drain blockage.

    There are many reasons for a blocked drain pipe

    Every household has its own water connection for the supply of fresh water and for the discharge of used water. Useful rooms such as the sanitary area with bath, shower and WC, such as guest WC, kitchen, laundry room or utility room are connected to the domestic water pipe. The leads for the used water as well as with the toilet drain from the flat across the property to the public sewer in front of the building. Depending on the location of the building, the path to this point may well be several metres long. Within the multi-storey building, a piping system for the used water is as long as it is branched. As it is said, all residents are connected to one and the same drainage system. The pipes run horizontally and vertically, they are straight and have kinks. This makes it clear how complicated and correspondingly susceptible the pipe system is to blockages or contamination.

    The resident has only limited influence on preventing the drain pipe from becoming blocked. It is very important not to dispose of any objects that are difficult or impossible to dissolve through the drain. Anything that cannot be flushed through the pipe system with water pressure automatically blocks the drain, gets stuck in the first pipe bend and obstructs the flow of the following wastewater. This backs up in the drain pipe, and so, conversely, pressure develops towards the pipe drain in the shower tray, in the toilet bowl, in the washbasin up to the washing machine or dishwasher.

    Other reasons for a drainage pipe blockage are beyond the resident's control. These are deposits of dirt particles that are automatically flushed away with the used water. These include hair, soap residues and microparticles contained in cosmetics, in soap, shower gel, washing powder and other cleaning agents. These microparticles are, so to speak, industrially predetermined and unavoidable for the consumer. Every day they are disposed of with the dirty and used water. However, they do not flow completely through the pipe system into the public sewerage system, but settle for the most part on the inner walls of the pipes. There they harden and clump together, which permanently reduces the diameter through which the used water can flow away. In this way, first contamination and then blockage of the domestic drainage pipe occurs. The first signs of this are the clearly slower drainage of the used water, or a gurgling noise in the drain. At this point at the latest, the alarm bells should be ringing. The drain is not yet blocked, but the permeability is noticeably impaired. However, it is only a matter of time before the final drain pipe blockage.

    Absolut pipe cleaning removes pipe blockage in Berlin

    In such an emergency situation, the person affected thinks first and foremost of helping themselves. However, attempts with household remedies such as plungers, spirals or harsh chemical pipe cleaners do not help in the long term, as experience has shown. The decisive factor is to find the cause of the drainage pipe blockage. Only when it has been determined for what reason and at what point the pipe system for the used water is blocked, can the blockage be removed. The resident cannot do this himself because he lacks the necessary tools, training and experience. For the person concerned, the drain blockage is a one-off, absolute emergency, but for us at Absolut Rohrreinigung Berlin, it is business as usual. Here in the approximately 900 km² city of Berlin with its 12 boroughs and dozens of districts, we are often called out several times a day to clean blocked drain pipes and make them permeable again. Therefore, our suggestion is to refrain from self-attempts at the first signs of a drainpipe blockage and call in the professional immediately. Even during rush hour, we can be at the damage site within one to one and a half hours at the latest.

    Absolut Rohrreinigung Berlin with customer-friendly price-performance ratio

    A clear price scale applies to all pipe cleaning services in the city and the surrounding area of Berlin. We divide into three types of pipe and sewer cleaning, namely simple, normal and premium. Our basic prices are shown with and without the use of machines, as well as for pipes with a diameter of up to and over 70 mm. The flat-rate prices listed on our homepage are increased by the statutory value-added tax of 19 percent. A fixed priceprice of 25 euros is charged for travel to and from the site, regardless of where the damage is located and how far the distance is from our company headquarters. On site, we agree on all the necessary services as well as the associated costs before we start repairing the damage. The customer therefore knows exactly the final price as a fixed price when he commissions us from Absolut Rohrreinigung to clean the drain pipe or remove the pipe blockage. Surprises with hidden or additional costs are excluded. The subsequent payment can be made in cash or with an EC or giro card.

    Absolut Rohrreinigung Berlin with 24h emergency service for Berlin households and businesses

    Our business hours are weekdays, i.e. Monday to Friday from 08.00 hrs to 22.00 hrs. Every drain blockage is an emergency situation that occurs at any time, from one minute to the next. When this happens, it is not possible to wait until the next morning or even until the beginning of the week. Household management is not possible without a functioning sewage system, and the same applies to businesses such as restaurants, offices or doctors' surgeries. A drain blockage must be cleared as quickly as possible, preferably immediately. We make this possible with our emergency service. The term emergency service generally means that the service provided during normal opening hours is also offered beyond these hours, i.e. in the evenings, at night, at weekends, on Sundays and public holidays. We compare our 24-hour pipe cleaning emergency service with emergency services such as the key service or the pharmacy emergency service. We at Absolut Rohrreinigung are available to Berlin households in need around the clock, 365 days a year. We are always available by telephone. We have neither an answering machine nor an endless tape. If you call, you speak directly with one of our employees. Immediately after placing the order by phone, we set off to the site of the damage.

    Service number of Absolut Rohrreinigung always at hand

    We recommend our customers and those who will be in their emergency situation to save the number of our hotline in their smartphone or otherwise have it handy just in case. When the situation of a drainpipe blockage arises, every minute is precious. By calling us immediately, you save yourself a hectic search on the internet or a tedious search in the Berlin Yellow Pages. With us, you know who will come to you and what you can expect from us. We clear every pipe blockage cheaply and quickly. Whether pipe or sewer cleaning, whether pipe inspection with or without a pipe camera or whether a complete service around the property with house; with Absolut Rohrreinigung you know that all drain lines will be cleaned without leaving any residue.

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